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The Crisis Cast

Nov 30, 2023

Dagmar Braun Celeste was born in Nazi-occupied Austria, she authored her own Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies, which led her to collaborative human rights work with both Rosalyn Carter and Mother Theresa.  Dagmar eventually made her home in Ohio, and fed her passion for politics as the state's First Lady.

In 2002, she was secretly ordained as a Catholic priest on the Danube River with six other women. The ordination led to her excommunication by the Roman Catholic Church.  During this episode of the Crisis Cast, Lissa & Thom get to the heart of why she accepted the call to ordination -- even when she knew it would not be accepted by the Church. 

What happened to the bishop who ordained Ms. Celeste? What kind of advice did Mother Theresa share? What did the Carters grieve most following Jimmy's loss to Ronald Reagan?  There are a lot of questions with surprising answers during this visit in our chat room.