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The Crisis Cast

Sep 17, 2022

There'll be a world of change for law enforcement in 2023 for the State of Illinois.  In this episode of the Crisis Cast, DuPage Country Sheriff James Mendrick unpacks the Safe-T Act.

Lissa & Thom also get to the heart of 'laterals' when it comes to movement of officers across police departments nationally...

Sep 13, 2022

Brian Kasal is a lifelong Chicago with a passion for Reagan era conservatism.  Given his Windy City roots, he's been a red fish swimming in a sea of blue.  Is that about to change?

During this episode of the Crisis Cast, Lissa and Thom uncover the work of conservatism in Chicago and Illinois.  As President of the...

Sep 6, 2022

To say Willie Wilson is constantly seeking public office would be an understatement.  That even includes the United States presidency.

As one of Chicago's most successful business leaders, Dr. Wilson is making another run to be mayor of the city he's called home since 1965.  During this episode of the Crisis Cast, he...

Sep 1, 2022

Michael McCuskey is a teacher turned public defender, turned federal judge.  As he shares in this enlightening episode of the Crisis Cast, his father preferred he remain an educator.  But "Judge Mike" went to law school, and he never stopped teaching.

Now, Mike McCuskey is the Illinois Legislative Inspector...