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The Crisis Cast

Jan 9, 2023

Click "play" and climb inside a conversation about about corporate secrecy.  A "black box" journalist Walt Bogdanich says is built by the consulting industry. Bogdanich is driven to uncover what big business and government are hiding.  He's a three-time Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter for the New York Times.  

During this episode of the Crisis Cast, we'll follow his research path as co-author of the book When McKinsey Comes To Town.  Lissa & Thom want to know 'why McKinsey' and why the most regarded college graduates want to work there.  We're proud to open Season 4 of our show with the journey of a former steel worker from Gary, Indiana turned world-renowned writer.  Once upon a time, Bogdanich was even a producer for Mike Wallace on CBS Television's 60 Minutes.