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The Crisis Cast

Apr 28, 2022

This is a chilling follow-up with Lissa's cousin, Daniela, as we hear stories of families sheltered in Lviv, Ukraine.

Daniela is a journalist based in Rome.  In this episode, Lissa & Thom tap into her travels across the Ukrainian border with Poland.  As a mother, she also shares the touching thoughts of the children at...

Apr 19, 2022

These are the lessons learned from investigating innocence.  Paul Ciolino convinced Governor George Ryan to re-think the death penalty in Illinois.

Ciolino is a private investigator turned DNA expert who advocates for those wrongly convicted.  In this episode, Lissa & Thom dig into corrupt systems and the high profile...

Apr 12, 2022

Raymond Lopez was born to serve his neighbors.  That passion turned real, when he became a Chicago precinct captain at age 18.

Now, as the city's 15th Ward alderman, Lopez is so fed up with crime in his hometown he wants to be Mayor.  In this episode, Alderman Lopez tells Lissa & Thom exactly what ignited...

Apr 6, 2022

At the core of the war in Ukraine, is how it reverberates differently throughout Europe.

Italy imports 50% of its natural gas from Russia, and faces the threat of having it turned off by Vladimir Putin.  That's only a small piece of this enlightning visit to the chat room.  With Lissa in Rome and Thom in Chicago, we...